“It sounds like Cole Porter meets Gene Autry.” — Clyde Haberman, New York Times

“He’s like that Cash kid, but good.” — Jerry Lee Lewis on hearing Jack live

“…a skill at painting perfect vignettes with their songs – some humorous, some heartbreaking – but always drawn from real life.”— Exclaim (Canada)

“If you don’t laugh and cry at the same time as Grace and his gracefully loose band navigate their way through such gems as ‘If You’re Gonna Raise a Drunk’ and ‘Morning Margaritas’, you better check your pulse. You might be disgracefully dead.” — James Reaney, London Free Press (Canada)

“He has been known to praise whiskey and large glasses of beer.” — New York Times

“A bona fide Country Rock Originator.” Kilkenny Advertiser (Ireland)

“…f***ing splendid…you can practically taste the whiskey dripping off the songs.”– Village Voice

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“The man slings more than a few sparks from his big, hollow-body Gibson….what sets his songs apart from the rest of the country or alt-country scene is his laugh-out-loud, absurdist wit.” —New York Free Press

“The only cowboy unashamed to clutch a martini glass.” — The Virginian Pilot

“One of the city’s most skilled and personable stars.” — Time Out NY

“NYC someday will brag about its great legends of country music, that’s right we said country, and among those names will be the engaging, hardworking, witty, and schmoozin’ and boozin’ Grace.” — Village Voice